Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use

How much of religious history was influenced by mind-altering substances?


Education would allow users rational choice on 'legal highs'

We should be honest and allow people access to "safe intoxicants" like cannabis, former government drugs adviser Professor David Nutt tells Channel 4 News.

The government has announced that it is to review the regulations that cover so-called "legal highs" - synthetic drugs that can be bought online and over the counter.

But campaigners say banning such drugs is not the way forward.

Former legal high NBOMe set to become Class A substance

A former "legal high" should be banned permanently as a class A substance, the Government's official drug advisers have said, meaning dealers could face up to life in prison.

NBOMe was subjected to a temporary ban in June, making it illegal for at least 12 months, while further evidence on its impact was gathered.