about us

„Legal-high-inhaltsstoffe“ is a project of the charitable organisation „BASIS e.V.“.

BASIS e.V. represents exclusively human and civil functions. The organisation serves the community with projects in the field of

·        Drug counselling

·        Qualification and work for people with addictive disorders

·        Youth and cultural initiatives


The shared aim is to help and support users of drugs and their relatives. Our purpose is to encourage these people by improving their individual, social and cultural factors. That way, we enable them to live a self-determined and responsible life.

We help concerned people to help themselves. Beyond that we preemtively work with persons who have had not contacts to drugs yet.


BASIS has the legal status of a membership association and was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


The public tax authority oft the City of Frankfurt has awarded BASIS as an organisation of common public interest. BASIS is legally independent and autonomous.


Responsible the laboratory analysis:

Institute for Forensic Medicine, Forensic Toxicology, University Medical Center Freiburg

PD Dr. rer. nat. Volker Auwärter


This project is supported by The European Community, the German Federal Ministry of Health and the City of Frankfurt am Main