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The use of psychoactive substances is as old as humanity itself. Besides the pleasant feelings of the use there are always risks and side effects. The idea of this page is to provide you with information before taking a decision for or against the use of a substance. Having many years of experience it is our point of view, that there is no better alternative than an objective and realistic description to support a responsible drug use. Nobody risks willingly and unnecessarily his or her own health.


Substantial for this form of information is for starters the knowledge of the different ingredients or substances in my product. Only if I am informed about the different ingredients I am able to assess the possible side effects. Therefore the folder substances offers the analysis of some of the common products. Under conditions of illegality, these tests never can be completely safe, because the ingredients of the next batch might differ. So please, simply take these tests as a point of reference. We continuously struggle with politics for more substantial spot checks for further safety increase.


If I decide to use a substance, there are a number of possibilities to reduce certain risks, the so called “safer use”. In the end a completely safe use is not possible, but some risks can be reduced through proper behavior.

If I notice that my use gives me trouble in my daily life, it is a sign of intelligence and maturity to question my consumption and to seek assistance. This does not necessarily mean abstinence, but experience has shown that it is reasonable to look for help early, because remedial measures are more feasible. For instance, if you hurt yourself physically you dress your wound immediately and do not wait until it becomes inflamed.


Our counseling service tool offers you the chance to address first questions completely anonymously. After sending your question, you receive a pin number; this pin number is the access code to recall your answer. This method also ensures the confidentially of your request.

Of course you also can contact us by e-mail, if this level of security and confidentiality is sufficient for you.

We like to refer to our friendly party scene projects: the Alice project in Frankfurt and the Drug Scouts in Leipzig. There you can find a lot of information as well as the option for advice or perhaps even the possibility to participate.

If you like to contact us directly you can call the emergency phone number for drugs and addiction in Frankfurt. Just ask for a member of the Legal High team.