Drug Scouts


The Drug Scouts, founded in 1996 by young people from electronic music and party scene in Leipzig, is a project for information on drugs.

Their aim is to inform in a full and objective way about legal and illegalized substances and their use. The foundation of their work is the acceptance of the individual users´ decisions. The differentiating dealing with positive and negative aspects of drug use as well as the clarification of safe-use rules is intended to minimize the health risk and psychosocial harm for the users and their social environment. One way is abstinence, but not all people want to or are able to live abstinent from the cradle to the grave. The Drug Scouts give advice and support regardless if somebody wants to live abstinent or not.

They try to support and advance their agenda on a political level, for example through the use of drug checking or the establishment of safer clubbing.

Their offer pre-eminently addresses the users at the age of 18 to 26 and their relatives, but also teachers and other interested parties.

Drug information and news, safe-use advices, warnings about substances, experience reports and more information about their work at parties you can find on: https://drugscouts.de