The Safe Party People project has been working for many years with information stands and outreach counselling and information services in Frankfurt clubs, at large regional and national festivals, at underground parties and in other locations.

The focal points of the work are:

scene-related information and counselling on different substances in the various party scenes
Mediation of harm-reduction offers and safer-use information
PsyCare and chill-out offers
Information on the risks and dangers of drug use
Crisis intervention
if necessary, referral to further support services
and - CURRENTLY - information on special Corona hygiene precautions.
Flyers on various substances are available at the information and counselling stands, and condoms, ear protection utensils, vitamin and mineral tablets and water are also available free of charge.

Our staff is available until the early hours of the morning for counselling sessions or to pass on accepting, taboo-free and factual information and education.

The project's approach is characterised by acceptance and dialogue at eye level. The focus of our work is on individual resource and solution-oriented support, which aims to support and promote existing self-potential in order to be able to exercise effective self-control.

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