T.E.D.I. Project

The Trans-European Drug Information project (TEDI) is a network of European fieldwork Drug Checking services that share their expertise and data within a European monitoring and information system. TEDI has developed a database system that collects, monitors and analyses the evolution of various European drug trends in recreational settings.

All of the organisations involved in Drug Checking share their data on the TEDI database, which was originally established in conjunction with projects that worked directly with drug users (first-line projects).

The aim of this monitoring and information system is to help improve public health and intervention programs. It serves as an early warning system and a tool for monitoring the evolution of drug markets in Europe. Moreover, it has become an essential knowledgebase in the area of recreational drug use.

TEDI also focuses its efforts on reporting the emergence of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in recreational settings and monitoring their evolution throughout much of Europe. Over the last few years, at least one NPS was being reported every week. But only a few of these new substances were actually being consumed in nightlife settings. However, TEDI has detected the emergence of a disturbing phenomenon that needs to be confronted by Drug Checking services – the inclusion of NPS as adulterants in the most commonly consumed illicit drugs including ecstasy, amphetamine, LSD and ketamine. This trend seems to be spreading among all of the countries currently being monitored by TEDI. These trends should thus be followed closely and appropriately addressed during field interventions.