Alice Project


Music, Mind & Politics *

On the traces of ’Alice in Wonderland’ the nonprofit grassroots Alice-Project looks behind the facades of daily realities and creates free spaces.

The activities of Alice are all about ’Music, Mind and Politics’ in the sense of creative forms of expression, critical activism for social change, and last but not least, fun and personal development. Beside other events Alice co-organizes the international festival ’Gathering of the Tribes’.

One focus of Alice is the circulation of objective information on drugs, especially at parties and in schools. The project tries to establish a conscious relationship towards psychoactive substances, and helps drug-users with problems.

People of most different ages used drugs to get into relaxed or stimulated states. In old cultures they were often used as a part of rituals to open and alter the state of mind. Today in many cases the usage corresponds to an escape from reality. Many people experience an interpersonal coldness as a result of a system, which gives profit more importance than the individual person. Therefore, a new drug policy has to correspond to the real needs of the people and to a change in social conditions.

’The stars are within reach,’ Alice calls dancing, ’but only if we really want.’

ALICE - The Drug- and Culture-Project
Heddernheimer Landstraße 145
D-60439 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 0049 69 - 48 00 49 50 • Fax: 0049 69 - 944 1 998
www.alice-project.com - www.myspace.com/alice_project

Alice is a project in Basis e.V. and
member of Kulturoffensive, Akzept, Sonics, Basics and Encod.


Alice-Logo: Brian Froud